Only way up, is In

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” – Albert Einstein  

There comes a point when you start to notice this very particular voice or feeling, this thing that seems to be talking to you, sending you a message, poking at you with hints and ideas. And while some of us have had the privilege of being taught to listen to this “thing” and to trust it for as long as we can remember, many of us have not.

This “thing”, whether referred to as that ‘gut feeling’, ‘inner voice’, ‘higher self’ or ‘intuition’ seems to have taken a back seat in a society where rationale and logic are put at the forefront. But at what price?

When we are faced with questions, decisions, doubts, fears, and uncertainties, we often seem to turn to others first for answers, suggestions, and advice. We seem to live in a society where living outside of ourselves is the norm. Where logic, rationale, and statistics are considered ‘real’ and anything other than that is simply a ‘whimsical gamble’. Where we are told to be ‘realistic’ (whatever the hell that means) and if you don’t follow some sort of set of rules that some sort of person has laid out for you, you will most likely fail, because that’s just ‘not how it’s supposed to be’.

“Intuition is a very powerful thing, more powerful than intellect.” – Steve Jobs

In getting caught up in this web of outer-self rules and expectations, somewhere along the way we seem to have neglected an incredibly valuable tool that every single one of us possesses. That ‘poke’ when something just doesn’t feel right, that ‘feeling’ in the pit of your stomach you just can’t shake off, that ‘nudge’ telling you to go for it despite ‘intellect’ (or fear) telling you otherwise. This incredible power, whether you call it your ‘guidance system’, ‘instinct’, ‘hunch’ or ‘inkling’, is really all the governance we need in our journey.

Yet, we seem to have lost our trust in unconditional triumph. We seem to have set aside truly trusting ourselves and the life force around us, not allowing the unfolding of this inner flow to fully support our purpose.

As I find myself constantly moving in and out of phases in life, growing and changing, currently at the brink of a new phase, full of choices and decisions to be made. I find myself tuning into this intuition once again, as I always have, but seem to have let go of in the past years, by allowing myself to be swallowed up by the cynical rationale of the world and my once environment. I am reminded that the only way up is, in. The only way to truly move up towards our purpose is by tuning into ourselves and simply, trusting.

And while calculated risks, research, hard work, and some good ole’ advice, will always still be a part of my equation, I have come to learn the power of tuning into myself first, and foremost. To not discredit my own feeling and ‘hunch’ based on premises set by some outer standard.

We already have everything we need, when will we finally start to recognize and accept our own power?

Love & Light,

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