Reclaim your power

“Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion”. – RUMI

Whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, whether we choose to bring awareness to it or not, every single one of us is conditioned to the norms and standards of the society we live in. And if that weren’t enough, while we seem stuck in the conditioning of our environment, we also seem caught up in taking it upon ourselves to process the projection that others lay on us.  We have given others the power to determine and dictate our path, while we blame everything and everyone for ‘making’ us feel the things we feel or ‘making’ us turn out the way we did.

Others can only make us feel the way we allow them to, by the value we attach to their projection. Why would someone have the power to offend you or irritate you? The only power anyone else has over the way we feel or the quality of our lives is the power to allow us to learn more about ourselves as we too, project our emotions and ‘shortcomings’ unto them.

We blur our own vision by playing the victim to anything and everything while forgetting that we have the power to make any shift necessary at any moment necessary. Shit will always happen, and it will always keep happening, but shit can only feel like shit when we give it that value. ‘Oh well guess that’s my destiny’ or ‘guess that’s just how it supposed to go’.

Destiny according to whom? Who decided that’s just how it’s supposed to go? Sounds to me like a very easy way to just relinquish any type of true responsibility for our own lives and the circumstances we find ourselves in. We may not be able to control that which comes at us, but we can sure as hell, 100% of the time, choose how we go about processing and reflecting on that which comes at us. And if we can learn to give ourselves the time to do that, now that’s where the magic happens.

And trust me when I say I don’t always follow my own advice. As an island girl who’s temper has the tendency of getting the best of her, this is an ongoing practice. Not letting, people ‘walk all over you’ or ‘standing up for yourself’ is where, for me, the line becomes blurry, though, at the same time, it really doesn’t. Ultimately it is what you allow it to be. (ah dualism, such a funny thing)

Life is so much simpler than we allow it to be. If we would just surf the waves thrown at us, instead of keeping them from coming or trying to change their timing. I mean, let’s get real, there’s really nothing to ‘reclaim’ or take back, it’s always been within us. Our power has always been there, we just seem to have forgotten it, at an alarming collective rate. We have been conditioned, in most cases, to believe that it all depends on this outer worldly circumstance whether or not we get to truly do the things we want to do. We take on the projection of others and carry burdens, not ours to carry.

We reclaim our power the moment we finally realize, there’s no way for someone else to possess it, to begin with. When we stop and take the time to reflect and unapologetically claim our own potential, and the greatness that lies within every single one of us. When we step up and start to take responsibility for the box we put ourselves in, we can make shifts beyond anything we ever imagined!

Love & light,

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