Rockin’ recipes: A quick and easy summer fave!

“Here comes the Sun”

As we approach the last month of spring, the temperatures are rising, the sun is shining and I can’t seem to contain my excitement! Though a firm believer in ‘every season serves its purpose’ I’m also a firm believer in that unique summertime vibe, and have no problem picking favorites! Shorts, bikinis, tans and drinks are already in full swing!

As the season shifts, so naturally, do my taste buds. Craving, lighter, fresher more natural foods I find myself drawn to a million ways of creating delicious loaded salads, fresh snacks, and the oh-so-coveted smoothie bowl. So of course, after indulging way too much on overpriced, weakly topped ‘trendy’ treats, I figured, I should find a way to create my own, easy, fast, healthy and dreamy version! (and at a fraction of the price!) And, so I did!

I present you, ‘The Berry Dream!’ In under 10 minutes, no mess, all fresh, all organic ingredients, no added sugar, gluten, lactose or any other stuff people seem to avoid these days, and absolutely delicious!

  • Start out with some frozen fruit! I used all fresh organic strawberries, blueberries, half a banana and half a pear. I Pre-packaged them in small servings in the freezer, that way when the mood strikes all u have to do is take out a batch and put in a bowl! Add a splash of all natural organic coconut water (absolute favorite is Innocent’s coconut water!). Add more, depending on how creamy or light you like your smoothie bowl. I Love keeping it nice thick and creamy, almost like a smoothie ice cream!

  • Time to mix it up! I love using a hand mixer for these things since it’s quick and an easy clean-up, keeping it all in the same bowl! You can always add a hint of spirulina or hemp protein for a nice protein boost!

  • And now the real fun begins. Toppings! Go ahead and add whatever your heart desires. I went for my usual obsessions, all organic blueberries, strawberries, dried coconut flakes and a granola mix of buckwheat, seeds, and honey! (be careful on this one! most granola mixes have tons of hidden sugars and artificial stuff, this one also happened to be gluten-free. Find your favorite natural mix!)

  • And voilà! You’re done! No funny business, no hidden anything, with all the natural sugars from the ton of fruit, you’ll definitely be refreshed and satisfied!

You’ll probably notice I haven’t really added any particular measurements. Just go off your gut feeling, maybe taste testing as you go, see how much of what you like added in there, that’s part of the fun!

Get messy and enjoy!

Love & Light,

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