Why the world needs to ‘Yin The F- out’

As I sit here now writing this piece on why I think the world needs more Yin, I can’t help but notice the incredible irony of the moment.

Allow me to explain…

My initial thought behind this piece was generated by some intriguing patterns I noticed amongst others when it comes to the practice of Yin yoga. I started noticing how not just Yin yoga, but basically, anything that requires us to truly slow down, breathe and allow space, seems to cause most to become reluctant, nervous and even intimidated.

And with good reason. A possibly confronting practice, It comes at the risk of not simply ‘creating space’ but creating space for some not so pleasant feelings, emotions, and thoughts as well, since we don’t always get the option to choose what needs to come out. And, boy, does Yin have a way of making sh*t come out.

Surrendering control, of movement, and thought, even if for a brief moment in time seems like the absolute most unthinkable thing to most. Forgetting that more often than not, what we don’t want might be exactly what we need.

And cue the irony…

As I sit here trying to tell everyone else why they need Yin in their lives, as I sit here trying to write a piece on ‘the way of Yin’, from an incredibly busy, overwhelming, exciting, exhausting, very ‘Yang’ moment in time, constantly moving, creating and doing. Trying to fit everything into my schedule, trying to meet my own expectations, trying to reach the moon and land on stars, I realize, if there’s anyone who needs to ‘Yin The F – out’ right now, it’s probably me.

I realize, that being able to recognize and do something about the importance of doing nothing is still a lifelong practice, no matter how often you have practiced. It’s so easy to get on that ‘Yogi high horse’ thinking you’ve got it down, thinking you’re going to save everyone from burning into the light of a Yang dominated world.

It’s so easy to forget that it always, will and always has to start with you. Leading by example, sharing from experience, remaining humbled by knowing that, ultimately, you know absolutely nothing.

And as much as I am a Yin yogi, as much as I’ve seen and felt how absolutely beautiful and healing it is to take on confrontation with yourself in stillness, as much as I want to spread my love for Yin all over everyone I know and meet, I am equally Yang, in my ambitions, in my drive and in my practice as well.

As much as I want to teach, I mustn’t forget that I am and always will be equal parts student. I mustn’t forget that wholeness is found in balance, and balance in shifting between the two forces. And to each their own practice and their own moment and way of shifting between these opposites.

So, ultimately this piece turned into my own reminder and reflection, rather than it’s initial intention. And I must say, I’m really happy it did. After all, I always preach about the consciousness of action, I guess I almost forget to practice

Love & light,

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