Soulpreneur: “Aligned is the new hustle”

“Your ability to listen to and take action based on your inner voice – regardless of how you feel, other influences, or temptations you face – is the key to self -mastery”. – Unknown

Ah, the hustle. That daily grind, goal getting, ambition reaching oh-so-addictive flow. So much to do, so little time. So many ideas, so few hours. Moving through the days excited and exhausted. So much passion, so much drive, yet, along the way I start to realize, ‘the hustle ain’t sh*t without that alignment’.

The stronger my hustle gets the more I start to notice how all that planning, organizing and accomplishing seem to just ‘fall flat’ if not fueled from an inspired place. The more the ‘to do’s’ seem to become tiring if not powered by an intuitive spark.

I start to learn that the true hustle seems to become not how much you can get done in a day, or how much you can tick off your to-do list, but how often you are able to catch yourself falling out of alignment with your vision and your truth.

The true work seems to become not so much about the endless tasks and activities, but how often you can stay true as you notice yourself falling out of alignment with your commitment to yourself, and not just to others. How often you can catch yourself getting caught up in expectations, trying to control and direct everything, and remind yourself that there’s this thing in between ambitions called presence. This thing called living, breathing and just simply ‘being’.

The real work seems to start when you can allow yourself to notice the subtlest shifts in your flow as you’re powering through your daily grind. Checking in with that intuition and ‘gut’ while going through that packed schedule. Trusting that all that you are doing is already enough, standing in your own power and grace realizing that without that alignment to your core, your vision, and remaining present, it will all ultimately be in vain.

The ‘doing’ without the ‘feeling’ is the easy part. The hustle and grind are not particularly special. The true focus and work starts when you can find your stillness, find your trust, find your flow and just ‘vibe with it’. Allowing space for the magic you’re creating to happen. Being guided by the flow instead of forcing it. Trusting the process instead of attaching to the outcome.

If you can remain committed to your alignment, and true to your vision, when you do get caught up and swept away by the worldly illusions of that hustle (and you will), you can rest assured that some how some way you will always get knocked back into that alignment…literally. Whether sh*t gets shaken up, stirred up, or f*cked up, you will always be summoned back to that vision. All you have to do is show up for the work and stay true to your commitment.

Love & light,

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