The 5 things that keep me from losing my sh*t

Let’s face it, engaging in the magnificent flow that is called ‘life’, can sometimes require some extra care and love to ensure that we do not lose our sh*t (though losing your sh*t from time to time is without a doubt highly necessary), that we stay balanced or at the very least, manage to recover quickly from said losing sh*t.

Here are just some of my favorite things that help keep that balance, or make the recovery process post-sh*t-losing just a tad bit easier:


I cannot begin to explain the stability that I find in stillness. Whether it’s stillness in a seated meditation or stillness in a loving home yin yoga practice.  Making time to ground and connect with myself has proven to be invaluable. Aside from my daily meditation practice, I also make sure to start my week calm and collected, with an at-home Yin yoga practice. Intimate, blissful stillness.


Looking to start your own meditation practice? It really doesn’t have to be too hard! Starting small and simple is everything. Maybe just giving yourself 5 minutes of stillness every day the first week, building up to 10 the next, and so on, until you find that sweet spot.

Remembering that it’s not about not having any thoughts, which can cause you to stress about the fact that you have thoughts and send you into a mind storm frenzy. We have thoughts, we think, it’s what we do, but it is not what defines us, just allowing the thoughts to float by, focusing on that breath and just taking a moment to simply be.

As for the time of day? Again, find whatever sweet spot works for you. I typically rather have an early morning sit session to start the day out right, but sometimes I just need that extra hour of rest, so I just make sure to catch that stillness somewhere in the afternoon, which also feels really good. There’s something quite soothing about stepping away from your day for a little meditation break. Again, find what feels good to YOU.


Now, life is all about that balance. So just as much as I crave my moments of stillness, I crave my moments of sweat & power. Just as sitting it out, sweating it out has proven to be absolutely invaluable in my daily flow.


As we go about out or day, we often times have these little bursts of that ‘fight or flight’ hormone called cortisol. Whether it’s a mini freak out because you can’t find your phone, or traffic has you playing survival, these are bursts of stress hormones shocking through our system.

We might not notice it instantly but as the days go on and these moments continue to happen, we create a build up of this stress hormone in the body, without any outlet, without any actual “fighting or fleeing” this can end up being detrimental to our health.

A great way to release this built up stress in the body is by sweating it out! Giving the body an outlet for all this built up energy, allows it to be released from our system and regain balance. And well, a rockin’ bod ain’t so bad either!

Of course, as a Yoga teacher, there really isn’t a better option I could suggest other than the practice which incorporates physical challenge with mental stimulation itself, YOGA. It’s a match made in heaven. Getting that body and mind flowing!

That being said, we each find that outlet elsewhere, for some it’s a good long run, others a session at the gym, and for some a kickass Barre workout. Whatever tickles your pickle, make sure to get that sweat in, weekly if not daily!

Good gut

Ah, gut health. The thing that can make or break a day. The most important factor for this one? Nutrition! The moment my nutrition is lacking in any way, my system will not let me forget about it. If that gut is upset it affects the energy and quality of the day. Anything from starving cause you’re too busy to properly eat, or being bloated an lethargic from stuffing your face with the easiest, most convenient thing in sight. Either way, if the gut ain’t happy, nobody is. I mean it’s not called our “second brain” for nothing!


If you tend to have a sensitive stomach like I do, nutrition and timing is everything! Making sure to eat before you get hungry, fill up on vitamin-rich foods that make you intuitively feel good, and drinking tons of water throughout the day. Sounds obvious right? When that schedule gets busy, ensuring proper and timely nutrition can become quite a challenge, though not impossible!

When you know a busy day is coming up, keeping some snacks with you and enough fluids is key! Adding freshly made ginger tea to your daily routine can also make a huge difference! (Granted you can stand ginger, I happen to obsess over the stuff!)

Quality time

One of my favorite things to do! Spending quality time with those I truly, deeply, care about. Those who add depth, joy, love, and support to your life. Those with whom you have a wonderful bond and can truly enjoy their presence. I wholeheartedly believe in being selective with those you choose to spend your time with. Whether you realize it or not, our interactions with one another are always an exchange of energy, and being aware of the kind of energy you surround yourself with is incredibly important when it comes to taking responsibility for the quality of YOUR life.

I also wholeheartedly believe in MAKING time for those you value in your life. There’s nothing more nourishing than surrounding yourself with the mutual exchange of support and guidance, lifting each other up and just having a good time!


Sure there are those you simply “hang out” with and those who truly add value to your life. I would encourage you to be absolutely unapologetic about your time and who you choose to allow in your life, and thus your energy field. It’s ok to cancel, it’s ok to say no. It’s ok to be selective. Quality over quantity is key.

I always like to make sure I fit the ones I love into my schedule in any way I can, whether it’s a quick cup of coffee, lunch or dinner and drinks, fueling up on the special people in your life adds value beyond words!


Now, living in the city makes this one a toughy. I find myself going crazy the moment I have neglected my need for nature! Clear horizons, fresh air, and space have come to mean more and more as my years in the urban jungle expand. Finding that has proven to require quite some effort, which in all honesty I don’t always muster up.


Living in the city is, of course, no excuse to neglect that need for nature! There are enough beautiful parks and spaces where you can get that quick fix. And planning in a small commute to the country side next door for some extra nature every now and then is well worth it! And of course, if your lifestyle permits, making regular travel near or far part of your flow makes this even more accessible and exciting.

Ultimately all these things come down to taking some time for ya damn self. This seems to be key when it comes to staying grounded, in balance and just plain ol’ joyful. Taking care of yourself first and foremost, and from that overflow of love and health you can better serve others and help those around you.

If you’re out there neglecting yourself because you think it’s selfish to put yourself first, remember: You cannot serve from an empty vessel, you cannot pour from an empty cup, you cannot give to another what you do not have for yourself.

Find the 5 (or more!) things that feed your soul and create that joyful balance in your life’s flow!

Love & Light,

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