When I teach, I learn: What teaching yoga is teaching me

“You teach best what you most need to learn”. -Richard Bach

Growing up, we’re usually under the impression that those teaching us have it all down, all figured out, and are sharing this from a place of “being better and knowing more”. As I step into the role of teacher and have the honor of sharing something I love with others, I come to realize how far off this impression has been.

Sure, to some degree a significant amount of knowledge and information has been compiled on the subject and matter that one teaches about. And yes, a certain level of expertise is required and is in some cases essential, however, this in no way implies that those teaching are not themselves yet learning. And that is where I have found the magic and maybe even the essence of teaching.

As a teacher of yoga and self-awareness, I realize how incredibly grateful and humbled I am, that I am able to teach and share something that is so close to my heart, and most importantly, something that I will never be done learning about.

As I sit at the front of the class, with beautiful souls and open hearts in front of me, eager to be guided, and ready to learn, some seeking solace, some seeking distraction, some simply stepping out of their comfort zone for the very first time, I become humbled by my own role within that.

As I remind everyone to breathe, as I guide everyone through finding surrender amidst the tension. As I tell everyone a hundred times to bring awareness to the breath, to allow their breath to guide them through their practice and their day, as I remind everyone to respect their boundaries, find their edge without going over it, as I remind everyone to maintain presence by staying with that breath, as I remind everyone to feel what it is they need to feel, to know when to dig deeper and when to back off, as I remind everyone to serve their bodies and not harm them…

I too am reminded of all these things… I am reminding myself to just f*cking breathe, to maintain my own awareness, to respect my own boundaries, to find my own surrender, and to trust that I know what I need.

I am not teaching from a place of “I know it all, I have it figured out, I know better”. I am teaching from a place of humility in knowing that I too am still learning these things, that I too am in constant practice, that I too am right there fully completely with you.

I am constantly reminded to practice what I f*cking preach, in the most humbling way. Cause God knows I need that reminder too.

As I guide everyone through a moment to themselves, through some time for themselves, I too sink into a conscious moment of presence within that. I’m right there with you. Maybe on a slightly different frequency, as it is your practice and my job to vigilantly guide you through, yet nonetheless, it’s utter and complete presence and full awareness.

When my mind is foggy, my heart heavy and my body tired, and I have yet to stand before a class and preach balance, I am in that moment propelled into a state of consciousness. “It’s time to walk the walk”. It’s time to become aware of what I need right now, It’s time to evaluate how I can find my peace within this next hour of sharing peace. Breathing deeply as you breathe deeply, grounding myself as I ask you to ground yourself.

It has turned out to be this infinite cycle of practicing and preaching. As I preach what I’m learning, I am reminded that I also need to practice that which I am learning. As I share new lessons I am reminded to apply these lessons.

I call myself a teacher of Self-awareness and yoga, not because I have it all or know all the answers, but because I have dedicated myself to never stop learning, and in that process share what I encounter along the way, hoping it may serve you, just as it has served me…

Love & Light,

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