Letting Love Lead


“Fear can never enter in a mind that has attached itself to Love. Each time you shift your focus back to love, you release your sense of separation and realign. The moment you realign with love and stop relying on your own strength, clear direction will be presented. The presence of love will always cast out fear.” – Gabby Bernstein, The Universe has you back

Ah, Love.

That soul filling, joy-inducing, mind-f*cking, ever-present sensation. Pure, passionate, natural process. Frustration, fights, absolutely fierce. Beauty, home, comfort. Hard work, commitment, cosmic connection. So many ways to describe this stunning sensation, yet somehow, we choose to limit ourselves in its application.

When you ask someone if they love themselves, far too often one of two things seem to happen, they are either utterly confused by the question “what do you mean love myself? that’s selfish!” or they just assume that they do “Well of course I do!” while their actions scream differently.

It’s interesting, this thing called love. We tend to very easily have it towards others, and very hardly realize that we do not have it towards ourselves. It seems so much easier to cast this frequency upon that which lies outside of ourselves and so much more challenging to channel this sensation towards ourselves first and foremost.

But, how can we possibly live the life we love without loving ourselves first? 

As I practice the presence of love more and more in my daily flow, I realize that it is not simply that which I feel for my partner, family or friends. It is not simply that which I feel for my job or home.

This thing that we have limited to simply an emotion towards something or someone outside of ourselves goes beyond any and all limitations.

It is boundless and timeless. It is infusing this energy of pure love in everything you do, everything you say and everything you think. It is sending this force into all parts of your life, that helps you realign with your truth, re-calibrate your frequency, and create space to truly, fully live your most authentic life, Wholeheartedly.

This multi-dimensional energy which must authentically emanate from your being first and foremost before you can truly cast it upon others or upon the quality of your life.

It is a surge the emerges from the pit of the stomach into the chest. It sits in your core. It is powerful beyond measure. It is the greatest force there is, it is what governs and guides. It is something that we can so easily tap into, it is something that we can choose to implement into all areas of our lives without limitation and without exception.

It is allowing this ’emotion’ or ‘feeling’ to guide and move you.

It is realizing that you do not just feel love, or give love, YOU ARE LOVE. It is knowing that all it takes is adjusting your vibration. All it takes is the commitment to really truly feel its presence.  

It is letting love lead the way.

May you choose to learn through love, may find true love within yourself, may you allow yourself to be moved by something far greater than you have ever imagined, may you live the life you love.

Love & light,

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