Tune-in Thursdays: Freedom

‘Tune-in Thursdays’ is something that came to me a while ago while contemplating in what other fun ways I could continue to share inspiration with others while also continuing to cultivate that trust in our intuition,  ability to love and support of self-awareness.

I was introduced a while ago to these absolutely beautiful Inner Compas Cards by Neel van Lierop I fell in love with the design and the authentic and personal feeling these cards hold. So I thought, why not share this with others as well?

Every Thursday I’ll be sharing with you a beautiful card drawn with the intention of authentically sharing messages that might be the exact guidance we need at that moment. Sharing with you the beautiful perspective from the card manual as well as my own interpretation thereof.

May this serve you in the most beautiful and loving way!


This week’s card and word of guidance is Freedom. Which for some reason I found both surprising and appropriate.

“This card indicates a shift that is possible for all. To wake up from the dream in which most people live, you have to realize that there is no need to believe your own constraining thoughts… The world is one big projection of your thoughts… Mental freedom creates flexibility in your mind; you are better equipped to deal with adversity. Physical freedom offers a certain flexibility in your body; you are healthy and comfortable in your own skin. Financial freedom lets you do what you want to do. Social freedom allows for a connection with people that are a match for you. Spiritual freedom means that you are following your own path, and that you do not only recognize your gut feeling but that you are also brave enough to act upon it. ” – Inner Compas Cards Manual by Neel van Lierop

I loved the perspective given by the manual. My first initial thought when I saw Freedom come up was some sort anxiety as my mind instantly swarmed off to all the ways in which I was striving to ensure freedom in all areas of my own life. But then when I read the description there was this instant sense of ease and grace, as I myself was realizing that Freedom is not merely limited to the physical aspect of our lives (work, finances, travel, kids) but it starts with our ability to realize that, as with all things, it starts from within.

Freedom starts with our ability to re-evaluate how we have allowed our own fears, limiting beliefs and thoughts to rule our perceptions. How we have allowed anxious and stressful notions and ideas to dictate our projection of our life and world.

Freedom starts when we can realize that we are absolutely free to be absolutely who we are. Freedom starts when we can believe and trust in our inner knowledge and wisdom and follow choices made from the heart. Freedom is knowing that our natural state of being, is joyful, peaceful and loving, always. Anything other than that is a mere illusion. 

Love & light,

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