Archive Fave: Rockin’ Recipe: Zoodles, a veggie obsession!

“The only thing I like better than talking about food is eating”. – John Walters

When it comes to food and nutrition I definitely tend to go off of my own intuition for what feels good and what my own body needs, making sure to leave room for fun experiments along the way! For the past year, I have been absolutely obsessed with ZOODLES! (Zucchini noodles in case you missed it) a great alternative to pasta, which can be used in so many different ways and it’s just simply delicious!

Zucchini being such a versatile veggie you can really go any direction with your ingredients, you can make it as hearty as you want (for those colder winter days) or as light as you want (for those hot summer nights).

For this recipe, I chose to stick to as many organic and fresh veggies and ingredients as possible. I chose to use responsibly farmed, eco-friendly shrimp (though being the number one consumed seafood in the world, I’m not sure to what extent we can really remain responsible in its production, but that’s a discussion for another time). If you’re a full-on vegetarian or vegan you can feel free to substitute this seafood favorite with some fresh falafel or spicy grilled aubergine chunks, I’ve tried these variations many times as well, and they’re definitely great options! 

The wonderful thing about zoodles and veggies are that you can literally go crazy with your experiments and mix and match whatever your heart desires!

First starting off with some fresh yellow and red bell peppers, some chili pepper, and shitake mushrooms! Chop them up into chunks (or smaller pieces depending on your personal preference) heat up some organic olive oil in a pan and throw them in!

Once you got them in there allow them about 5 minutes to cook on medium heat, adding some salt and pepper to taste (allowing that amazing shitake aroma to fill the kitchen!). Once that gets going, it’s time to throw in your shrimps! Adding an all natural black bean sauce and some Ketjap Manis to taste, as you mix it all up. I also love grating in some fresh ginger!

While you let that mixture sizzle a bit, it’s time for the zoodles! Grab your julienne peeler (or spiralizer) and fresh zucchini and peel away!

Next throw in your zoodles with the rest of the gang!

Mix it up! Adding some more of that black bean sauce, salt, and pepper. I tend to have a slight (maybe unhealthy) obsession with spice, so I like to add an extra teaspoon or two of mango chutney in there! Let everything warm up in the pan until your zoodles have the desired texture.

Top off with some sesame seeds, and voíla! Quick, one pan, delicious and nutritious. What else could you possibly want?


Love & Light,

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