Inspiring Innsbruck


With stunning snow-capped mountain peaks emerging from behind buildings all around this beautiful picturesque town, fresh crisp air, and cozy vibe, how could this place not be inspiring?

Arriving in Innsbruck felt as if I was stepping into some magical storybook city, it looked exactly like every postcard you would ever come across. The weather was great, the sun was shining, the air was fresh and mountains humbling. I had rarely arrived anywhere and felt this excited before even stepping out of the plane.

Our 5-day trip proved to be everything we wanted and then some. Having recently recovered from a rather disappointing trip last year, we were determined in our search for true relaxation and release. Innsbruck had it all.

The perfect combination of city and nature, urban and alpine. Stepping outside every morning was true bliss.  A breath of fresh air, literally. Being right in the middle of what is called “old town”, feeling the hustle and bustle of the vibrant city life filled with shops, restaurants, and cafès while the peaceful mountaintops surround the buildings on every side and corner. Almost as if the city was enveloped by beautiful, robust guardians reminding you to breathe deep and be present. Everything about this place felt like true freedom.

I always look for a special combination of being active, great cultural food and total relaxation when it comes to my trips, and Innsbruck did not disappoint!

Our days were packed with the perfect combination of activity and unwinding, tons of hiking, a day of skiing, great food, and complete release. Being able to be outdoors every day, enjoying nature while also having all the festivities of the city life at our fingertips was the perfect combination. Being out and active during the day, and wining and dining during the evenings.

This perfect combination of “alpine and urban” was reinforced by the city’s infrastructure. The Hungerburgbahn, an incredible railway traversing over the Nordkette mountain range, taking you from city center to mountainside within 15 minutes. Craving more hight? No problem! Stopping over from the railway to the Nordkettenbahn cable car is a breeze as it takes you to the top!

I think it’s safe to say, I am beyond in love, so, without further ado, some of my favorite finds during the trip!



As a mountain newbie, and skiing novice a patient instructor was definitely a must. We were able to secure a private lesson at Ski & Snowboard school Innsbruck while at the same time renting and being fitted for all equipment at Die Boerse. We were picked up in the morning and brought up to our destination by car, even the drive was magical with snowfall all around and the sweetest crew members! I had the absolute best time and the absolute best, most patient and kind instructor named Stefan!


Though a lot of hiking trails were closed due to snow, we were still able to enjoy quite a few. One of them was a short (about 4km) but a beautiful hike through the woods in the mountains near Hungerburg station. Fresh air, tons of trees and beautiful views of the ‘old town’. These areas had hiking trails and signs all over the place, all you had to do was pick one, follow and enjoy!

Nature parks

There’s great pride in natural environments in Innsbruck and for good reason. One of our hikes finished off at Schloss Ambras Innsbruck an absolutely stunning environment filled with walking paths, stunning mountain and city views and nothing but fresh air and nature!

Food Finds

The breakfast Club €€

One of our daily favorites, with a wide range of breakfast and brunch options, delicious homemade and local products, awesome vibe and great service this place did not disappoint. With menu items like “Get ready for the mountains” (which was one of my favorites!), you were sure to be ready for the day!

Das Schindler €€€

Though a bit more on the pricey side, if you’re looking for a nice and fancy place to wine and dine then Das Schindler is it! With absolutely delicious food, great wine, awesome cocktails, lovely service and a cocktail bar adjacent to the restaurant for post-meal unwinding, another undeniable favorite!

See Grube Restaurant €€

This beauty featured a stunning panoramic view of the Nordkette mountain range! With a great schnitzel and nice drinks, definitely worth a visit!


Hilton Hotel 

We were able to score a great deal on a lovely Deluxe king room at the Hilton (recently switched to TC Hotel). The location was absolutely perfect, very central, with an amazing mountain view room, and helpful staff!

Without a doubt, a trip worth repeating, after soaking up the winter beauty I am excited to one day discover the summer allure of this magical place!

Love & light,

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