Tune-in Thursdays: Neutral


‘Tune-in Thursdays’ is something that came to me a while ago while contemplating in what other fun ways I could continue to share inspiration with others while also continuing to cultivate that trust in our intuition,  ability to love and support of self-awareness.

I was introduced a while ago to these absolutely beautiful Inner Compas Cards by Neel van Lierop I fell in love with the design and the authentic and personal feeling these cards hold. So I thought, why not share this with others as well?

Every Thursday I’ll be sharing with you a beautiful card drawn with the intention of authentically sharing messages that might be the exact guidance we need at that moment. Sharing with you the beautiful perspective from the card manual as well as my own interpretation thereof.

May this serve you in the most beautiful and loving way!

I was not sure what to think when this card popped up, ‘neutral’? what could that mean? Consulting the card manual, as always, brought some great insight and clarity.

“This card indicates that there is something going on in your life right now, that deserves to be seen without judgment… Everything is subjective and nothing is clinched in facts, it all depends on your perspective… You see it is not reality that determines your perspective, but your perspective that determines reality… Once you learn how to shift in perspective, you give your thoughts the chance to become more flexible. Your black-and-white beliefs and absolute convictions will soften, enabling a more neutral position.” – Inner Compas Cards by Neel van Lierop

And of course, cue that ‘aha’ moment. Allowing space for a more neutral position, softening within my absolute convictions and surrendering my black-and-white beliefs, that sounds about right.

We often times tend to hold on to our perspectives and convictions from a place of absolute. From a place where we may not even dare to stop and think about the fact that our truth may not necessarily be the truth. Realizing that our perspectives are not the only ones and that maybe, just maybe we are caught up in our own story.

I tend to be quite opinionated, strong-willed, and a general hardass when it comes to what I believe in and my convictions, on occasion this has gotten me into sticky situations I will admit, and on others, it has allowed me to stand my ground and speak my truth.

Realizing now that to ‘soften’ in no way means to ‘weaken’, but rather to create space for the nuance that is life.  To open and expand the mind and perspective, to find the neutral position and to be able to allow all truth, mine, yours, ours, with a little less judgment, and a lot more understanding.

Love & light,

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