Tune-in Thursdays: Purity


‘Tune-in Thursdays’ is something that came to me a while ago while contemplating in what other fun ways I could continue to share inspiration with others while also continuing to cultivate that trust in our intuition,  ability to love and support of self-awareness.

I was introduced a while ago to these absolutely beautiful Inner Compas Cards by Neel van Lierop I fell in love with the design and the authentic and personal feeling these cards hold. So I thought, why not share this with others as well?

Every Thursday I’ll be sharing with you a beautiful card drawn with the intention of authentically sharing messages that might be the exact guidance we need at that moment. Sharing with you the beautiful perspective from the card manual as well as my own interpretation thereof.

May this serve you in the most beautiful and loving way!

This week’s card: Purity. I had no idea what to think or expect, as always, the manual was close by to elaborate.

“Whenever you experience pain, a piece of purity is taken from you, and you adapt your beleifs so as to not feel that pain again…This card wants to remind you of the fact that you have an inner core that is always serene, untouched by the turbulence of life. For you see, you were born as pure love; fear only entered later in life. It is such a shame when wounds from the past are holding you back. Let them teach you but never limit you. ” – Inner Compas Cards by Neel van Lierop

Beautiful. A reminder that no matter what you have experienced in this lifetime, no matter what you may be experiencing right now, you are as you always were, pure. Pure love, pure joy, pure goodness. We tend to hold on to beliefs and emotions that are not meant to be held on to. We tend to judge beliefs and emotions that are not meant to be judged. There is purity not only within us but also within the rawness of all that we feel and experience.

The key would be to get to a place where we no longer allow these experiences that we deem “unpure” or “bad” to limit us or hold us back, but rather learn to honor them as they are, give ourselves space to process and release. Neither suppressing nor attaching. It is all pure, as is. Reminding ourselves of the “limitlessness of life” and that from a place of honest purity towards ourselves, others and all we experience, all is possible.

Love & light,

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