Oil obsession of the month: Wild Orange


Another month, another obsession! This month’s favorite:

Wild Orange, ‘The oil of Abundance’

What’s in it? 

Limonene, sourced from the orange peel.

All dōTERRA oils are CPTG – Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. What does this mean? Basically that for every liter, not just dōTERRA, but a third party lab checks for toxins, fillers, pesticides and any other stuff you definitely wouldn’t want in there! Ensuring that all oils are of the highest, purest, most beautiful quality!


The benefits?

A beautiful oil, an invigorating energizing scent that stimulates creativity while uplifting the mind and body. Supports healthy immune system, energizing boost and purifies the air.

How to use it?

Another one that is without a doubt part of my daily routine!

  • Love rubbing this oil between the palms of my hand for some long deep breaths, when it’s time to step up the focus and get to work.
  • Combined with lemon in the diffuser this makes for a great companion during creative work, meetings or whenever I need to get that energy up!
  • 1 drop to water adds an amazingly refreshing taste.
  • Add to water in a spray bottle to freshen home, linens and the air!

Where to get it?

Can’t wait to get your hands on this beautiful oil?

To get your hands on this gem, check out the products and collections HERE

There are multiple ways of not only getting your hands on these beautiful gifts but to do so in the smartest most beneficial ways possible.

You have two options. You can get your beautiful oils as a Wholesale Customer here, enjoying wholesale prices with the option of building a business in the future. Or you may consider building a business with dōTERRA by signing up as a Wellness advocate here, enjoying all the wonderful benefits of a wholesale customer, and then some. Having the opportunity to build your business, find that freedom and independence to not only nurture the health and well-being of yourself, your family and friends, but also creating the opportunity to give back and create a loving and inspired community.

Curious as to the processes of how these stunning gifts are produced? Check out SOURCE TO YOU to get all the details, and to find out how together through dōTERRA and the Healing Hands Foundation we can make a true and beautiful impact on the world!

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