Tune-in Thursdays: Gift


‘Tune-in Thursdays’ is something that came to me a while ago while contemplating in what other fun ways I could continue to share inspiration with others while also continuing to cultivate that trust in our intuition,  ability to love and support of self-awareness.

I was introduced a while ago to these absolutely beautiful Inner Compas Cards by Neel van Lierop I fell in love with the design and the authentic and personal feeling these cards hold. So I thought, why not share this with others as well?

Every Thursday I’ll be sharing with you a beautiful card drawn with the intention of authentically sharing messages that might be the exact guidance we need at that moment. Sharing with you the beautiful perspective from the card manual as well as my own interpretation thereof.

May this serve you in the most beautiful and loving way!

This week’s guidance… “Gift.”

“Today, give someone a hug or a present. Offer help to those who need it… When you give or share something unconditionally, you show the universe that you do not worry about what is leaving you;  that there is enough energy, time and money to do so. Giving, sharing, and receiving are inseparable. They all carry the same energy and they all stem from and lead to feelings of gratitude… Some people find it easier to give but are less capable of receiving fully… Do you find yourself worthy enough of receiving? Know that gratefulness for whatever it is that is given to you, opens the channel to receive more.” Inner Compas Cards by Neel van Lierop

I found this one to be especially fascinating, it seems as though most in my environment have quite an easy time sharing and giving, but when it comes to receiving it proves to be slightly more challenging. I have too, made it part of my practice to just learn to ‘take a damn compliment’, instead of getting all sorts of uncomfortable, trying to act small, dismiss whatever it is I’m being praised for, or the usual “oh you didn’t have to do that”. All of this just blocks the energy of abundance that is really always on its way to you.

Learning to lovingly, wholeheartedly accept and appropriate that which is given to you, just as you do when you give to others, accepting you too are worthy of it.

Some on the other hand, also find it quite challenging to be able to find a place of generosity towards others when they themselves are struggling with their own lack. This too can be a tough practice. But know that whether it is something of a material nature, a compliment, or even a hug giving and receiving creates more of that energy, an essential factor when it comes to attracting abundance. Anytime you give a friend a gift your excited to give them or give a stranger that compliment that just lights them up, notice the joy that you too are feeling. It’s an energy which works both ways.

So how will you make “Gift” a part of your week? Give that hug, send that card, embrace that compliment and know that you are opening ways to more of this loving energy…

Love & light,

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