Finding strength in surrendering


“To the ego mind, surrender means giving up. To the spiritual mind, surrender means giving in. Once we’re there, inside the holy place where all is inner riches, the outer gold of worldly prosperity appears in a miraculous way.” – Marianne Williamson, The Law of Divine Compensation. 

We are taught to strive, to push, to work, to go for it, to focus, to plan, to organize, to compete, to do whatever it takes to get to the top of wherever it is we need to get.

In the process we fight off anxiety, stress, overwhelm, exhaustion, fear, doubt, and unworthiness, which in turn manages to propel us right back into  the cycle of doing and pushing in order to cope with these feelings thinking that if we just do a little bit more, work a little bit harder, push a little bit further we may finally be good enough, smart enough, successful enough, happy enough, rich enough and pretty enough.

In the end, the only thing we end up really doing is pushing, working and competing against ourselves and our own sense of unworthiness. We end up trying to manipulate ourselves and our environment into being the way we think it should be in order for us to finally feel the way we want to feel.

When in truth, the one thing we have yet to try, the one thing we have yet to do, is to just simply f*cking surrender. To create space for preparation and opportunity to meet. To work not just on our goals, our schedules, our assignments and our to do’s, but to support our mindset, emotions, and thoughts in the process.

To cultivate the strength to know that we are doing all it is we need to be doing, to trust that we are committing to our preparation enough that we can detach from the outcome. That we can surrender, that we can actually allow ourselves to receive all the good that is actually, already ours. Instead of constantly fighting tooth and nail, instead of seeking outside of ourselves.

“There is a difference between having to work and having to struggle. Work is creative effort, a righteous extension of positive energy that attracts abundance; struggle is a perversion of creative energy based on a misunderstanding of one’s basic relationship to the universe. Anxiety and struggle do not attract your good.” –  Marianne Williamson, The Law of Divine Compensation. 

There is a great strength to be found in the ability to surrender. To do all it is you can do to prepare yourself for all that it is your heart desires, to take aligned action, to follow the steps you feel called to take, and to then, finally, trust, to release it to a higher power, force, and energy, that can do you for you that which you cannot do for yourself.

Do your good work, serve the world, get your vibe in sync with your desires, then step back, rest well and allow the magic to unfold.

Love you,

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