Preserving from ‘Negative Nancies’

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure…” – A return to love, Marianne Williamson

As I sat at my favorite local cafe, sipping on my coffee, minding my own business, a conversation nearby caught my ear. Two people, sitting across from each other. The one sharing their future plans and ideas with the other with great excitement and enthusiasm.

All of a sudden I hear one of them say, without a single hesitation, without a single shred of doubt, and with the most chilling tone, “never gonna happen”.

It was as if I got the wind knocked out of me. As if someone just told me that. I couldn’t help but look up, stunned. As I saw hesitation and insecurity creep up on the other’s face, they started to share a “watered down -second option” to their previously shared plan. Which got shot down with another “not gonna happen.. if you’re lucky this is what will happen…”

I wasn’t sure if I was more in shock by their coldness, or by how much it upset me.

I wanted to get up, give them a big hug, look them in the eye and say “IF YOU THINK YOU CAN DO THIS, YOU F*CKING GO FOR IT. YOU CANNOT FAIL. YOU CAN ONLY LEARN”.

This incident, of course, got me thinking and made me realize; we always have a choice. We always get to choose the kind of world we live in. Some of us have to put in more work to shift our perception and change our choice, due to certain beliefs, or life experiences that we may have had, but the choice is there nonetheless.

I choose to live in a world where I believe that not the sky, but the universe is the limit. I choose to believe in what is so-called impossible, extraordinary, unbelievable, phenomenal and miraculous.

I choose to believe that the only limit to what we can do is the one we place on ourselves or allow others to place upon us.

Yes, there are “statistics”, and “the way it has been done before”, and “how it usually works”, and what “convention” has shown us.

However, could you imagine if all the great leaders, visionaries, innovators, artists and creators of our time and before that, would have just stuck to “the way it should be” or “the reality of it”?!

I sure as hell can’t.

Yes, when it comes to some serious goal setting, certain action is required, certain risk assessment is necessary, certain preparation, planning, and consideration are essential. But when all that is said and done, that is when the limitless possibility of your potential and greatness come into play. Do not ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

Something to always keep in mind, when it comes to ‘naysayers’ and ‘negative nancies’ is that we all operate from our own level of perception. One person’s experience, beliefs or mindset, does not in any way, ever have to be yours. Keeping in mind that to protect the energy surrounding our desires and dreams, we need to also think twice about whom we choose to share those with.

Support in the form of constructive questioning, and helpful assessing is always wise, but there are few who are truly able to do this with your best interest at heart, without projecting their fear onto you and your desires.

Go for what your heart desires, take the leap your soul longs for. Have enough reverence towards yourself to also remain conscious about the decisions you’re making, and then… know that there’s nothing u cannot do, be or have!

Love you,

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