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“…You believe that what your physical eyes cannot see does not exist. This leads to a denial of spiritual sight.”

– A Course in Miracles, Principles of Miracles #22, pg. 04

Siding with “see it to believe it” rather than “believe it to see it” is choosing to rely on your physical eyes to show you what is real. But, that which is truly true and really real, cannot be seen with the physical eyes. Choosing to only believe in that which you can see with your physical eyes, leads you to cut off your spiritual sight, which is ultimately denying your true power.

We are not these physical bodies. The body is simply a suit of clothing carrying us through our earthly journey. Realizing this, of course, does not mean that we neglect all that is “mortal”. Our experience as humans is still a part of our spiritual journey, we still need to function on this side of reality, we still need to honor our physical bodies, relationships, and experiences.

However, the way to ultimately, lovingly, and joyfully, navigate this physical journey, is by realizing that we are not this physical journey. If you think about it, all the good stuff in life aren’t things that you can necessarily see. Love, Joy, Bliss, Peace. We have our interpretations of what these things might look like physically, but they can only truly be felt.

When we are able to realize who we truly are, when we are able to remember who we truly are, it connects us with why we are truly here.

We have one purpose here on earth, and that is to be a vessel of love. To extend love, co-creating with God (or Universe, or any other higher power of your own understanding), and creating peace for ourselves and others. The only purpose we have is to remember who we truly are.

We are pure, divine, love.

This week’s Miracle Mantra & Meditation

A weekly Mantra to support the practice of re-aligning with the truth of who you are. A thought to be repeated throughout the week and the day.


This mantra reminds us of the true nature of who we really are. Simple and beautiful. We are love. Nothing more and nothing less. Reminding us that we really only have one job here as physical beings, which is to be a vessel for love. Both give love and receive love. When we live in love it may take the form of, everything around us aligning beautifully, giving and receiving kindness and compassion, and just feeling good.

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You can choose to apply this mantra in whatever way you may feel called to. A great way to start is by setting some time away each morning and evening, about 5 minutes, to repeat the mantra, a few times and take some long deep breaths in silence.

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