Let loving thought prevail

” Miracles are thoughts. Thoughts can represent the lower or bodily level of experience, or the higher or spiritual level of experience. One makes the physical, and the other creates the spiritual.”

– A Course in Miracles, The meaning of miracles #12 

You are here on this earth to create the good, the holy and the beautiful. In order to allow the internal program of your highest creative manifestation to come to fruition, there is only one thing that must occur. You must allow loving thought to prevail.

As explained by Einstein; EVERYTHING is energy, and that is really all there is to it. In order to get what you want you have to match the frequency of that energy. Like, attracts unto itself. This is not philosophical, or spiritual, or magical, this is physics. It simply is. 

A course in miracles also teaches us that there is no such thing as an idle thought. ALL thought produces form on some level. The world we live in is a manifestation and projection of the thoughts we have. This does not only apply to our individual lives, but to our collective human experience as well.

This is why ‘mind-training’ is so important. Just as you would train your physical body to stay strong, and move well in the world, so should you train your mind with prayer and meditation. Just as you can’t just stop training the physical body when you’re ‘satisfied’ you can’t stop training the mind either. What does this mind-training entail? Shifting from a thought system based on fear to a thought system based on love.

When we remember that we are love, and are only here to love, this overrides unstable patterns and re-aligns us in right relationship with the truth of who we are, which re-aligns us in right relationship with the universe, the earth, and with other people.

Now, this doesn’t mean that we don’t have any loveless thoughts at all, ever. But it does mean that we should not want to hang on to those thoughts. We always have a choice in what we think.

When we find ourselves faced with a loveless thought that we can’t seem to shake off, this is where you release it to a higher power of your own understanding (source energy, Love, God). This is where you call on your internal teacher to do for you what you cannot do for yourself. This is when we let love prevail.

This week’s Miracle Mantra & Meditation

A weekly Mantra to support the practice of re-aligning with the truth of who you are. A thought to be repeated throughout the week and the day.


A beautiful, clear and simple mantra to remind ourselves this week, that whatever loveless thought might cross our mind or someone else’s, may loving thought prevail.

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You can choose to apply this mantra in whatever way you may feel called to. A great way to start is by setting some time away each morning and evening, about 5 minutes, to repeat the mantra, a few times and take some long deep breaths in silence.

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