Extending kindness

“What you perceive in others you are strengthening in yourself. “

– A Course in Miracles, pg. 80. 

We tend to underestimate the power that a kind deed can have on the elevation of our energy. We tend to forget that we can only have that which we give. We tend to forget that as long as we choose to perceive the negative in others we will welcome exactly that into our own energy field.

When we act compassionately, loving, forgiving and kind towards others we are supporting not just their spiritual growth and well-being, but also our own.

When you extend kindness to others and you feel the warmth of their appreciation and gratitude in return, you too are then elevated to joy and gratitude. So whenever you extend kindness to another you are really also extending it to yourself. So ultimately you can only have what you give.

Choosing to extend kindness every day, whether it be smiling at a stranger (I LOVE doing this), sharing loving words of appreciation with someone you care for, or giving a helping hand, is ultimately an investment in your own joy.

It’s a situation where everyone wins, everyone thrives and everyone grows.

A course in miracles teaches that you can only have that which you give and that which you perceive in others you will strengthen in yourself.

So how about spending this week giving out kindness and perceiving the good in others. Elevating others, and ultimately elevating yourself.

This week’s Miracle Mantra & Meditation

A weekly Mantra to support the practice of re-aligning with the truth of who you are. A thought to be repeated throughout the week and the day.


A loving mantra to remind you to make the conscious choice to extend kindness today. To shift your energy and re-direct your power outward, sending a beam of light which supports and uplifts the other person, which in turn cannot help but lift you up as well.

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You can choose to apply this mantra in whatever way you may feel called to. A great way to start is by setting some time away each morning and evening, about 5 minutes, to repeat the mantra, a few times and take some long deep breaths in silence.

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