Set the tone for your day

“At the outset, we can safely say that time devoted to starting the day right does indeed save time.”

– A Course in Miracles, Manual for teachers, pg. 40.

It’s no secret that the first hours of your day are amongst the most important. One of my teachers, Deb Erickson, refers to this as the ‘Golden hour’.

When we wake up, our minds are incredibly impressionable. The first things we feed our minds will have a tremendous effect on how the rest of our day goes. This is where creating effective and supportive daily habits come into play. This is a major thing I always teach in my workshops. This plays a major role in living an empowered life.

The energy and state of mind you start your day with WILL have an effect on the energy of the rest of the day. So of course, when we wake-up and go straight to Instagram, Facebook, check emails, WhatsApp, read the news and rush out of the house, we are bound to be anxious, depressed and depleted by lunchtime.

Being pro-active about the tone we set for the rest of our day is something that can easily be implemented with the right care and diligence. Grounding ourselves within balance, clarity, peace, and love before all else, will provide us with a day to match.

That’s not to say that shit won’t happen, it will still happen, but the difference is we were pro-active in the way we deal with shit by grounding ourselves and cultivating a foundation from which we can rise above anything thrown at us at the very start of our day.

So for this week, shifting our focus on setting an impeccable tone for the day ahead…

This week’s Miracle Mantra & Meditation

A weekly Mantra to support the practice of re-aligning with the truth of who you are. A thought to be repeated throughout the week and the day.


This week’s mantra reminds us, that whatever intention we set for the day, whatever energy we send out into the day before us, consciously or subconsciously, will ultimately determine the quality of our day. So why not start off grounded, balanced, powerful, peaceful and loving.

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You can choose to apply this mantra in whatever way you may feel called to. A great way to start is by setting some time away each morning and evening, about 5 minutes, to repeat the mantra, a few times and take some long deep breaths in silence.

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