All powerful and unlimited

“The belief you are a body calls for correction, being a mistake. The truth of what you are calls on the strength in you to bring to your awareness what the mistake conceals.”

– A Course in Miracles, Workbook lesson 91

The belief that we are limited by what we see in front of us, that we are limited by our physical reality and by our visible circumstances is one of the things that conceal our true power in one of the most profound and disastrous ways.

There’s nothing occurring in your experience right this second that you cannot transcend. The only thing standing between you and transcending any sh*t you find yourself faced with is you.

We fool ourselves into thinking that we are limited to our current bodily experiences, rather than becoming humbled by the true nature of our limitless, all-powerful truth.

There is NOTHING that we cannot do, be, or have, once we start to accept that power and act from that place of power.

Stop getting caught up in “the way things are” and start realizing that you are not defined by the experiences in front of you. Your definition reaches far beyond anything you could ever truly comprehend and see in front on you.

Your heart beats and your lungs breathe without your effort, flowers bloom, the planets, the stars, the cosmos move, flow and co-exist without your help, and you cannot try to accept that you too are part of this powerful equation? That you too are a force of nature that is absolutely limitless in its true potential?

Do not let this physical experience as it is, fool you. You are all-powerful, limitless energy, here to add profound value and to co-create your physical experience in the most stunning way.

This week’s Miracle Mantra & Meditation

A weekly Mantra to support the practice of re-aligning with the truth of who you are. A thought to be repeated throughout the week and the day.


Another powerful and beautiful mantra inspire by A Course in Miracles. Simply and clearly reminding us of that which we truly are, that which we are truly capable of. We are all powerful, and unlimited.

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You can choose to apply this mantra in whatever way you may feel called to. A great way to start is by setting some time away each morning and evening, about 5 minutes, to repeat the mantra, a few times and take some long deep breaths in silence.

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