Why meal prep is EVERYTHING


Nutrition and making the ‘right’ meal choices still seems to be amongst one of the most difficult things for most people to ‘navigate’.

With convenience, speed, and efficiency growing more prevalent in our society, anything that we can ‘grab and go’ seems to win – whether that ‘grab and go’ is the most efficient choice in regards to our health is where it becomes a slippery slope.

Instead of trying to change the way our society seems to always be naturally evolving into faster and more, I find that searching for ways to accommodate that natural evolution while still preserving an optimal quality of health, happiness, and wellness is the best way to go.


Long thought of as something set aside for fitness enthusiasts, meal prepping has introduced me to a new, efficient, effective and mindful way of fueling my body.

With my own specific health and fitness goals in mind, with some professional nutritional support, I have been able to find a way to support fueling my body properly all while also supporting my energy and time management needs.

So yes, it does first start with knowing WHAT type of meals you are prepping, and what type of nutritional support you need. So connecting with a nutritionist on this could be incredibly valuable, I know it has been for me.

But once you can make the link between your health goals and your nutritional needs, the meal prepping can begin.

2 hours, once a week, is all it takes to prep my meals for the week.

Here’s how:

  • Once you’ve been able to get clear on your health goals and nutritional needs, you want to make sure you put a grocery list together. It’s like the menu for the week, all the combinations, ingredients and good stuff you’ll need for the week ahead. The nutrition plan I’m on provides me with a new list every week, so that makes everything A LOT easier.
  • And then, of course, go out and do your groceries! Now I do tend to do groceries around MAX 2 times a week, just to keep my veggies as fresh as I can. As a part of time management and energy saving I rather not have to do grocery shopping more than twice a week. If you prefer to do bits and pieces every day, of course, go for it.
  • Once you have everything you need, it’s time to prep. I like to set up my favorite music, or podcast, and cook away. Usually for about 2 hours on a Sunday afternoon. Prepping my lunch and dinner options for the week ahead. Putting them into maximum freshness preserving containers, and storing them in the fridge!

Here’s why:

  • Time and energy saving. I don’t have to sit around wondering what I’m gonna eat, or try to throw something together when I’m already worn down and exhausted from the day.
  • MAKING GOOD CHOICES. The choice is already made. It’s fast, easy, grab and go AND keeps me committed to my health and wellness goals, NO EXCUSES.
  • If done right, this method also helps to keep your food and grocery budget in check.

Happy prepping!

Love you,

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