Surefire ​ways to wellness

When it comes to our wellness, whether it’s overall wellness, weight regulation, healing sickness or finding balance, most of us are always seeking ways to improve the quality of our lives.

But with so many options out there, figuring out where to start can be difficult. I know that it took me a while to get my wellness game on, and to find ways that work for me, and as I grow my needs and tools do as well.

What I want to share with you today are my 6 SURE FIRE ways to wellness.

One of the first things you want to look at is what your wellness goals are, specifically. Are you trying to balance your weight, sleep better, worry less?

Once you get clear on what it is you’re looking to support you can start to create a clearer picture of what you might need.My 6 favorite ways to wellness are a more general approach and are things that I implement on a day to day basis to maintain overall health and wellbeing.

These are Sleep, Nutrition, Meditation, Moving, Essential oils & Creative outlet

And though these might not come as new ways to you, I know that these 6 things have been everything, for me personally, when it comes keeping my wellbeing in check.So let’s look at each element…

First up, is Sleep! I do not do well with not enough sleep. And I know this is usually the case for most people, but I’m not kidding, if I don’t get a good 8 to 9 hours, my emotional & mental state go haywire.

This is part of creating awareness as to what YOU need. Some people can do with less, some people need more. Create awareness about what it is YOU need, and make sure you do what you can to honour that accordingly.

Next up, Nutrition. This one has been HUGE in taking my health and wellness to the next level. By committing to figuring out what nutritional approach is best for MY body type, I’ve been able to find incredible balance in my whole system. Finding out what my metabolic ID is and how to fuel my body as it needs to be fuelled has been transformative. Going from constantly being bloated and having a lack of energy to feeling fit and energised throughout the day.

Of course, Meditation, cannot be missed. Just as I train my body, I need to make sure I train my mind. I love the 6 phase meditation by Vishen Lakhiani  It’s a simpler nd powerful technique that I tap into every morning. 

What would life be without, Moving?! Getting the energy flowing and my body strong does wonders for my mind and soul. I move through life feeling strong, confident, and grounded because of it. I love hitting the gym 4 days a week, and enjoy a nourishing yin yoga practice almost daily.

Essential oils are a special one. An irreplaceable part of my day, every day, all day. They have helped me nurture and nourish my body in a very conscious very powerful and very natural way. From having sweet citrus oils to lift me up in the mornings, to being able to do delicious, non toxic laundry.

My work is a big part of my Creative outlet: If I do not feel like I have created something from my heart or my soul for a while, I seriously start to lose myself a little bit. Being creative is an expression of my heart. It keeps me inspired and happy.

I would love to know what YOUR favourite ways to wellness are?!


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