My #1 way for staying aligned

Staying aligned and attuned with ourselves in the midst of, the sometimes overwhelming, day to day flow, can often times feel like a daunting task.

This week I want to share with you the #1 thing that has been keeping me aligned and attuned, NO MATTER WHAT, and in remarkable ways.


It is the simplest and most powerful way to turn any frown upside down.

Starting every morning with 3 things you’re grateful for will set you up for a day filled with love, cooperation and support.

When we take the time to not only state 3 things that we’re grateful for, but also truly take a moment to feel the gratitude encompass us completely, we are setting ourselves up to receive so much more to be grateful for.

Not only is gratitude a great way to start the day, it’s also a great way to shift your energy if you happen to find yourself feeling less than great.

Taking a moment to realise that if we can’t be grateful for all the things we already have, why would we be grateful for more?

There’s something SO powerful about reminding yourself about ALL the good you have in your life. From clean air to breathe, a roof over your head, a beating heart, and great people in your life. 

So, take that moment, right here, right now, what are YOU grateful for today?

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