More being, less doing

“More important than what you say, is what you do. More important than what you do, is how you be”.

I heard Rha Goddess speak these words, during the Spirit Junkie Digital Masterclass I participated in almost 2 years ago. I never forgot them. There was something about it that stuck.

Lately I find myself growing more and more frustrated with the notion of being ‘busy’ and constantly ‘doing’ and ‘making things happen’. I suddenly find myself shifting from constantly feeling the need to ‘do’ – to deeply craving simply ‘being’, longing to slow down and be more present.

This shift has also made me think about why on earth I feel the need to constantly pack my schedule and claim ‘I’m sooo busy’ all the time.

And as I have been taking a minute to honor the undeniable demand of my whole system to ‘just slow the F* down’, I realise something quite startling…

“If I don’t do enough, I won’t be enough…”

Well damn – that explains a lot.

I realise my frantic busyness is more so driven by fear than driven by pure passion. The fear that if I don’t do enough, I won’t become all that I can become, I won’t fulfil my life’s purpose, and I won’t matter.

The problem with this belief system? It’s the exact opposite of how this Universe operates. This Universe requires your full trust, complete surrender and absolute belief.

I am reminded that one of the most powerful things we can to reach our full potential is to just BE.

To be present, to be open, to be grateful, to just be.

To truly, fully BELIEVE in our hearts of hearts that we are here for nothing but greatness. To TRUST that there is a force at play that is fully supporting us, every step of the way. 

Less doing and more being – doesn’t mean you don’t work, and don’t commit, and at times don’t sacrifice. It means that your ‘doing’ is driven by passion and trust, rather than fear and anxiety. It means the doing feels good and the sacrifices feel just. Because you trust the process.

Slow, steady and strong. That’s where I find myself these days.

Working, but also resting just as much. Enjoying the present moment fully. Taking the best care of myself. And trusting, that all that should be, will be.

Slow just means more present, steady just means more grounded and strong just means as fierce as ever.

“It is so much easier than you have ever believed it to be”

– an excerpt from Abraham – Hicks that keeps popping up on my newsfeed.

I got it. I’m here.

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