The Courage of moving into a new phase

Each new phase in life, will require us to have the courage to know when it’s time to move on from things we once thought we wanted, but no longer do, and move towards things we find our heart now craving.

I think that’s a big part of growth. We achieve something, we get used to it, we master it, it becomes normal, we become bored. We find ourselves seeking new inspiration and stimulation and we’re off to the next thing.

We grow and evolve into new phases with each new experience.

Yet, some times we can find ourselves so attached to ideas and circumstances that we once felt were right, despite knowing in our heart that they no longer are. 

At times, certain situations and experiences have already taught us what we needed to learn, and showed us what we needed to see. Yet because that deviates from the outcome we expected or planned, we find ourselves stuck and thinking we failed.

We forget that this journey is fluid. We forget that as we grow, we move, we shift, we change and evolve. It’s all exponential. Moving upward and forward and in the process shedding layers and leaving attachments behind.

It takes great courage to follow your heart and intuition when that goes against what you’ve rationalised in your head. It takes courage to let go of what has already served us but no longer does.

However know, that each new phase will always prepare us with the courage needed for the next step, the more we realise this and embrace this, the more fun and effortless life will become.

Love you,

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