Bon Bini!


Born and raised on Aruba, a beautiful tiny rock in the Caribbean Sea which counts 104,473 inhabitants, and the product of two different cultures coming together in love and life, has without a doubt shaped who I am, shaped what I love, and most importantly shaped the foundation from which I now continue to grow.

Though I was born and raised in Aruba, my growth got its jump start when, at 19, I moved to this energetic and dynamic city called Amsterdam. As someone who has always loved writing and has a passion for growth and a commitment to personal development, sharing this with others became a no-brainer.

As a writer, teacher & student, I aim to share the practice of self-awareness, to support and inspire you on your own unique journey, assisting you in remaining authentic, passionate and mindful within your actions and choices. Living your most authentic life, and taking full responsibility and ownership of that life.

“It starts with you. You have a major part in the healing of the world. The more oneness you create in your life, the more light you shine on everyone around you.”   – Gabby Bernstein | The Universe has your back

I strive for love, I strive for nurturing the body and soul, I adore good food and great company, I lust for travel and growth. I believe that when we work from a place of inspired passion, we can move beyond any self-inflicted or programmed limitations. I believe that when our intentions are pure, and our drive true that we can truly make a difference in our own lives and those of others.


Supporting you in showing up for your journey, reclaim your power and start to play an active role in your own life. Sharing the practice of self-awareness. Through writing, teaching, and coaching I am to guide you to your own unique, full, and true connection to body, mind & soul, and all dimensions thereof. ‘Honor your shadow, find your light’.


Allowing space and time to live inspired and passionately, to awaken to our journey and stay true to our visions. Stop to ‘feel’ the choices we make and what truly drives us. Inspire a life lived consciously and authentically, being mindful of the quality of our words and actions towards others and equally as important, towards ourselves.

It is an honor to serve you on your journey and to share with you all the tools, teachings, lessons and guidance that I have picked up (and continue to) along the way through my own path and experience.

‘Life is leaving your trail, the benchmarks of your journey on this earth, during this lifetime, in this space and time. It is with love and gratitude that I share with you, part of my trail.’

Love & Light,