Bon Bini!


Born and raised in Aruba, coming from a beautiful tiny speck in the Caribbean sea which counts 104,473 inhabitants, raised by two different cultures and being able to call white sandy beaches with stunning crystal clear blue waters my home, has without a doubt shaped who I am, shaped what I love, and most importantly shaped the foundation from which I now continue to grow.

Though I was born and raised in Aruba, my growth got its jump start in this energetic and dynamic city called, Amsterdam. As someone who has always loved writing and has a passion for growth, new discoveries, and that powerful body & mind connection, I’ve always sought for ways to share this with others.

As a writer, communication professional and yoga teacher, I aim to share the authenticity of my passions with those around me. I strive for love, I strive for nurturing the body and soul, I adore good food and great company. I believe in the power of words, and when used with authenticity we can make an impact which goes beyond any mass communication overload we are faced with today.

I believe that when we work from the core of our being, from a place of true inspiration, passion, and authenticity, that we can accomplish anything we can possibly imagine. I believe that when our intentions are pure, and our drive true that we can truly make a difference. I believe in hard work, focus, and absolutely loving what you do.

I aim to inspire and motivate those around me to remain authentic, passionate and mindful within their actions, and choices. I believe that when we can bring our own vision and dreams to life, that we have the duty to help others do the same.

It is an honor to share with you, my musings, teachings, and services!


Encouraging others to consciously communicate their message and passion in the most authentic way possible through unique and inspiring storytelling, copywriting, social media content & other project-based communication tools. Creating conscious communication not just in regards to how we communicate with others, but also how we connect and communicate with ourselves, providing private and group yoga classes as well as coaching.


Creating an environment where we can learn to give ourselves space and time to live passionately and stay true to our own unique vision. Stop to ‘feel’ and think about the choices we make and what truly drives us, rather than aimlessly racing through this life always busy and always overloaded with information. Inspire others to live consciously and authentically, being mindful of the quality of our words and actions towards others and ourselves.

‘Life is leaving your trail, the benchmarks of your journey on this earth, during this lifetime, in this space and time. It is with love and gratitude that I share with you, part of my trail.’

*BSc. International communication management / *Yin Yoga 200 hour RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher – Yoga Alliance) / *Certified Spirit Junkie Masterclass level 1 i.t.*Certified Sports Psychology & Mental coaching (AALO / NRTO) i.t. 

Love & Light,