Student, teacher, island girl, and seeker.

As a teacher & student, it is my heart’s mission to support and inspire you on your own unique journey to living an empowered life. 

Cultivating health, consciousness, freedom, wisdom and radiance through holistic healthcare, exercise, meditation, and essential oils. Finding freedom and home within yourself, radiance within your being and wisdom within your heart.

Born and raised on Aruba, a beautiful tiny rock in the Caribbean Sea and the product of two different cultures coming together in love and life has without a doubt shaped who I am, shaped what I love, and most importantly shaped the foundation from which I now continue to grow.

Having always been profoundly intrigued and moved by personal development, and the healing arts – growing into a space of service and support – now – seems inevitable.

It is an honor to serve you on your journey and to share with you all the tools, teachings, lessons and guidance that I have picked up (and continue to) along the way through my own path and experience.

‘Life is leaving your trail, the benchmarks of your journey on this earth, during this lifetime, in this space and time. It is with love and gratitude that I share with you, part of my trail.’


'Inspiring and empowering healthy, conscious, radiant people.'

Supporting you in…


As we strengthen the body, so too we need to strengthen the mind. Finding ease, balance, and clarity within our being.

Holistic health & essential oils

From our skin to our cells. In the purest, most potent of ways. The oils give us the power of true, holistic, self-care and health care. They help create an environment of profound wholeness.


Vitality, longevity, strength, and balance. I believe that one of the most accessible ways to practice self-awareness is through physical practice.

Here for you

For any questions, concerns or suggestions, please always feel free to reach out.