“There is an added benefit of practicing movements that stem from the wisdom of ancient traditions rather than conventional exercise: the complementary emphasis on training the mind. Working on the level of the body, while simultaneously training the mind deepens our overall sense of well-being in a way that can last beyond the exercise sessions themselves”.

Sarah Powers, Insight Yoga

I believe that one of the most accessible ways to practice self-awareness is through physical practice. Connecting to our bodies on a physical level is something that most of us are already familiar with no matter the type of sport you do or exercise you engage in. Even if connecting to your body is a new concept for you, it is still a very accessible first step towards Self-awareness.

The breath is an undeniable element of life force (The English word “spirit” comes from the Latin spiritus, meaning breath“) which sounds obvious, I mean you have to breathe to stay alive, right? But it’s incredible how even our breathing, the rhythm, the pace, and the quality, has become something rather stagnant and overlooked in our day to day lives.

By adding awareness to the way we move, the way we ‘work’ the body, and connecting that with the life force that is our breath we can easily find a connection to ourselves which goes beyond any physical practice.  By practicing movements which implement the added benefit of including the mind & soul, we can find our way to truly nurturing our being as a whole.

I believe in teaching with intent and practicing with intent, not only tapping into a conscious way of moving and breathing but doing so with intention, mindfully engaging in your practice and connecting to what you need at that moment, and not just what you want.

We must be willing to fully engage with our bodily experience in order to find our boundaries (whatever those are at that moment in time) and respectfully challenge ourselves on all levels. Creating self-awareness, space, finding presence and staying connected to both body & mind.

Whether we need to get the body moving or the mind still. Sweating it out, or sitting it out. The beautiful thing about the practice of yoga is that there is something for everyone. Countless methods, styles, and teachings.  All aimed at nurturing ourselves as a whole, and finding our own unique way of connecting.

Through teaching and sharing the power of body, mind, and soul as practiced through the art of yoga, I aim to help you reconnect and find your balance.  With different options such as ‘Yang’ Yoga (Vinyasa/Power focused on moving with the breath and strengthening muscle tissue), ‘Yin’ Yoga (staying in seated and lying postures for longer periods of time, guided by the breath, focused on connective tissue and joint health), or a combination of both, depending on your unique needs.

I look forward to serving you on your journey!

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