“There is an added benefit of practicing movements that stem from the wisdom traditions rather than conventional exercise: the complementary emphasis on training the mind. Working on the level of the body, while simultaneously training the mind deepens our overall sense of well-being in a way that can last beyond the exercise sessions themselves”. – Sarah Powers, Insight Yoga

‘Creating conscious communication’ not only relates to the way we choose to communicate with those around us but also to the way we choose to communicate with ourselves. Only when we nourish ourselves as a whole can we truly reach our highest potential!

It’s no secret that most of us seem to be caught up in a high paced, goal oriented, schedule driven, overwhelming sea of hectic aspirations. As an entrepreneur and someone who has an endless list of ‘things to accomplish‘ myself, I not only understand the exciting drive, I crave that rush as well.

However, I’ve also come to realize the value of stepping out of the ambition and into the presence. Taking time to give those ‘creative’ juices a moment to flow through, unrestricted. Allowing inspiration to arise, and allowing ourselves to refresh, reset and restart.

I made this realization through finding that body & mind connection. It started with climbing and continued with yoga (and just about any other fun way to stay active!). Now, I find my moment of peace and regeneration through becoming still and connecting with my body. Whether that be through sweating it out or sitting it out.

By finding my own deeper connection to different dimensions of myself, I also found a passion for helping others find theirs. Whether that be helping you reconnect with yourself, or assist in providing a moment to flow, relax and regroup.

‘Creating conscious communication within and not only without.’

Through teaching and sharing the power of body and mind as obtained through the practice of yoga, I aim to help you reconnect and refuel. (Whether that be for yourself, your team, or maybe even family and friends). With different options such as ‘yang’ yoga (Vinyasa/power focused on muscle tissue), ‘yin’ yoga (holding postures longer focused on connective tissue and joint health), or a combination of both, depending on your individual needs, I would love to assist you on your path!

  • Private classes
  • Private group classes
  • Team/company classes
  • Studio classes

For more details on options, packages and pricing, please feel free to send a message to! I look forward to helping you on your journey!

Love & light,