Wisdom through hardship

“I am not weak, but strong. I am not helpless, but all powerful. I am not limited, but unlimited. I am not doubtful, but certain. I am not an illusion, but a reality. I cannot see in darkness, but in light.” A course in Miracles | Lesson 91 ‘Miracles are seen in light We have…

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Healing one ‘aha’ at a time

“Those who are healed become the instruments of healing.” A course in Miracles | Lesson 137 As we create space to breathe, as we become willing to see things differently, as we choose to narrow the gap of our separation from God, divine grace and love, one ‘aha’ at a time – we heal. Every…

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Planning as a defense

“A healed mind does not plan. It carries out the plans that it receives through listening to wisdom that is not its own. It waits until it has been taught what should be done, and then proceeds to do it…The mind engaged in planning for itself is occupied in setting up control of future happenings.”…

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April Yoga schedule is up!

This month’s class schedule is up! All classes can be registered for online on the studio’s website! (or on OneFit!) Keep an eye out for the weekly extras! https://armindah.com/calendar/  Everything from Vinyasa flow, Yin yoga, and a sweet combination of both! See you on the mat! Xx Love & Light,

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Finding strength in surrendering

“To the ego mind, surrender means giving up. To the spiritual mind, surrender means giving in. Once we’re there, inside the holy place where all is inner riches, the outer gold of worldly prosperity appears in a miraculous way.” – Marianne Williamson, The Law of Divine Compensation.  We are taught to strive, to push, to…

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