Welcome! or ‘Bon bini’ in my native language, Papiamento!

Before I go on any further, I want to thank you for stopping by and checking out my blog. As someone who has always loved writing and has a passion for growth and new discoveries, I’ve always sought for ways to share this with others.

The idea of setting up my own platform to do so, or to ‘put myself out there’ in such a way, has been a daunting and nerve-wracking one. Nevertheless, the almost ‘nagging’ urge to write, share ideas, discoveries and simply my own thoughts and perspective with others has far overpowered that. And though it has taken me quite some time to actually ‘suck it up’ and take that leap, I’m excited to now share this with you, and hope in some way, no matter how small, I might just brighten up your day!

‘Life is leaving your trail, the benchmarks of your journey on this earth, during this lifetime, in this space and time. It is with love and gratitude that I share with you, part of my trail.’

img_3435Along my journey thus far, I have come to find that nurturing both the mind and body is an essential part of truly connecting with yourself, your environment and basically the flow of the universe. You cannot be whole if there’s one part of yourself that you are neglecting. There are so many fun, exhilarating and truly fulfilling ways to love and nurture both your body and soul, why not get out there and discover your favorite ones?!

A continuous dance to find that sweet spot, that perfect balance, that to me is the beauty of life. A flow between the good and bad, the outside and inside,  nature and nurture, dark and light, yin and yang.

Whatever you might call it, without the one the other cannot be defined, balance is when you are able to find that sweet spot where opposites coexist in order to truly strengthen and connect body and soul.

Mind & body are too intimately related to be seen as separate entities.” – Deepak Chopra | Rudolph Tanzi 

That continuous dance on the edge where opposites meet and connect, finding that beautiful balance and sweet spot, is what I strive for. And if during my own journey I can enlighten those around me in any way, I will do so wholeheartedly.

I strive for love, I strive for nurturing the body and soul, I adore good food and great company. I believe in being whatever you want to be, I believe in the coexistence of opposites in order to be blissfully balanced, you can’t be happy if you do not know what sadness is, you cannot recognize balance if you have not felt unbalance.

Welcome to a piece of my journey. A place where I can share with you, those special things that just simply lighten up my world, from ways of staying physically strong and healthy to those wonderful little things in life that just feed the soul, such as amazing food, great company, and beautiful travels.

Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” – Carl Jung

I hope you enjoy your visit and leave here inspired, informed.. or at the very least, somewhat entertained!

Love & light,

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