As someone who has always had “Hangry” tendencies, I’ve always found food to be one of the many great pleasures of life. As I get older and continue to grow and evolve, so do my taste buds. I’ve found a whole new fascination with food in regards to its taste, texture, quality, combinations, and nutrition. I absolutely love constantly being exposed to new foods and flavors every time I’m introduced to a new environment or culture.

I’m a firm believer in the complete ‘experience’ of dining as well as the rituals and processes that go into preparing your own meals. I absolutely love dining out, not just because of great food (at least, that’s what you’re hoping for), but for the whole experience being provided, from the quality of service to the ambiance of the environment and sharing that with those you care about.

I also believe that there is something so powerful and beautiful in putting together a great tasting meal, with a hint of love and a dose of your own personal creativity. Creating something to not only nurture yourself but those you care about as well. Considering today’s fast paced, overwhelmingly busy lifestyles, that might not always be a realistic option for everyone (although, great tasting nutritious meals don’t have to be time-consuming).

There’s just something about coming together and enjoying delicious food, amazing drinks with beautiful people, that, to me just adds an extra sparkle to life.

In this section of ‘Foodie’, I want to share with you those wonderful places and recipes I stumble upon, as well as some own special creations that I hope you enjoy. This way, maybe expanding that ‘coming together and enjoying great food and drinks’ thing on a bigger scale!


Love & light,