“Travel far enough, you meet yourself”. – David Mitchell

There’s something absolutely intoxicating about leaving your comfort zone, and ‘your world’ to go out and discover other worlds, cultures, and people. It has truly become something I love and I strive to do more of. And to share these moments with those I love by my side.

I am the product of two very different cultures (Aruban mother & Dutch father) coming together in love and life, and it took me moving to another country to experience this as a truly beautiful and even fascinating thing. The more I grow and become aware of the way I was raised by two people from different worlds, and the more I get to know myself, the more I feel truly lucky to have ‘the best of both worlds’. Even the ‘not so best’ parts (like being so in between the two that you don’t necessarily feel like you belong to either entirely).

As I grow, I start to become more aware of who I am and where I come from, and how much of a combination of two cultures and two different people I am. I start to see the difference and connection in nature and nurture.

Seeing this ‘meshing’ of two cultures in myself and being exposed to so many people from so many different countries throughout the years, has intrigued me, even more, to travel as much as I can and find out just what life is about on the other side of the globe.

Moving to Amsterdam not only brought this to my awareness, but also brought the world, or at least Europe, to my fingertips. Going from a tiny Island in the Caribbean, to a dynamic and energetic city like Amsterdam, made traveling and weekend getaways so much more accessible, and thus the introduction to other countries, cities, and cultures so much easier.

In this section, ‘Wanderlust’ I want to share with you, my experiences and thoughts when it comes to travel, and hope you share yours with me as well!

Love & light,